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Not long after I painted the Dordogne Series, I learned how to create art in wood.  I love everything about the wood shop—the smell of fresh cuts, the collegial action, the risks and the myriad possibilities there are to express in this medium.

Sculptural Landscapes

When I was growing up, my grandfather and my father both worked in wood in their spare time. My grandfather was trained as a chemist but found creative respite in tooling miniature furniture reproductions in his basement shop. My dad created fanciful animal whirlygigs and other heartfully-made items. My love of being a wood maker is strong, sourced from these places.


This series was born as an experiment—how to create a 3D wall painting in wood that would deliver the spirit and energy of the outdoors and bring the restorative element to the space it inhabits.  This series is a work in progress, interrupted by multi-year COVID lockdown of wood shops everywhere. But big plans are simmering to expand this work and to continue to find ways to bring play and whimsy to landscapes in wood.


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