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Winter’s Edge (No 2)

8" X 10"

Acrylic on panel (framed)




Our beach house sits on the north end of a small barrier island, just before the start of the protected wildlife refuge. The dunes hold fort for miles bordering the sea, home for all things wild and beautiful. About a mile up the beach line someone planted their Xmas tree at the end of the season which, like the dunes, stands strong and hardy against the wind and the weather all year long.


One of my favorite times along this stretch of pristine beauty is the season that marks the winter’s edge. The sights and smells, the colors and textures announce the change, seem to welcome it. And when the spring arrives you can almost hear the sigh of relief, celebrating another victory of nature over its own forces. The dunes offer this courage and inspiration for the taking.

Winter’s Edge (No 2)

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