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Hi Everyone,

Spring is promising and promising to be early in the Northeast and now she is decidedly late. The early blooms in our neighborhood withstood the returning freeze (plural) except for most of the magnolias. Welcoming the new season anyway, at last.


My solo show at Neumann University wrapped up and returned to my studio yesterday after two months there. It was a great opportunity to have all my work in one place at the same time. I was thrilled to show in Neumann’s special gallery space and to have my work appreciated so thoroughly by the University community.

Speaking of wrapping it up, my “Home as Creative Self- Expression“ Project is complete and an unexpectedly fulfilling consummation of over a year of relo/renovate/recreate activity. At last writing I was knee deep but am now back at the studio with regularity. I did create that gallery wall in our new home that I promised and find it especially energizing to be living with so much of my own art in our new space. My intention in all my art making is to Inspire, Energize and Restore and I am happy to report that this is precisely the effect I am experiencing. I plan to rotate works, perhaps quarterly as a way of refreshing the space and elevating my mood. Maybe something for you to try??


I’m off in a few days to visit with family, celebrate big birthdays and studio/gallery tour in Amsterdam and Utrecht. This time of year is the height of the tulip fields in bloom and I intend to cover the territory thoroughly for inspiration and fresh ideas. I’m also following the work of a UK sculptor who is represented by a Dutch gallerist and plan a visit while I’m there. Have my eye on a very special piece of hers so……

Tulip Fields (No 2). Available at Yellow Springs Art Show

Then we will be trading tulips for the beautiful Dalmation Coast/Croatia on a small boat cruise with lots of land time. Setting up a mindset for discovering the totally unexpected beauty of the place and adding to the already overflowing list of ideas for new series.


-NEW SERIES!! My newest series is emerging now. Working title - Table Top Landscapes. Here’s a peek at the direction. Feels fresh and alive to me and I hope to you, too.

Fresh Picked (No 1). Available at Chester County Studio Tour

-ASTON MILLS ARTS OPEN STUDIOS. April 7, 12-4p. I’ll be traveling but my fellow artists have lots in store so please visit anyway and support our local arts movement. 3100 Mount Road, Aston, PA

-YELLOW SPRINGS 51st ANNUAL ART SHOW. April 27-May 12 (10-4p daily). I’ll be here again this year with 12 pieces and loads of wonderful other artists work. If you have never been to this show maybe this is your year! Top to bottom, every inch of wall space is covered with fine art and craft. And the ride to Yellow Springs through Chester County is a creative inspiration all by itself. Let me know if you plan to go and I’ll do my best to meet you there.

-CHESTER COUNTY STUDIO TOUR (STUDIO 35). May 18 (10-6p) and May 19 (11-5p).

This is one of my favorite events of the year! This tour I’ll be back with my good friend and host, Dr. Geoff Burgess, and his astonishingly beautiful landscape photography. (I keep thinking we should do a series interpreting the same view in our distinct styles. Nice idea!)

The tour is so much fun with so much to discover. 200+ artists in 76 studios. And a chance to cruise around the vast beauty of Chester County at the height of her spring. Divine, really. No better way to enjoy art at this time of year.


Almost summer. Celebrate with me and some special artist friends on June 14 and 15 at the studios. Serious fun without the pool! Details coming.


Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation Day, Any Day really. I’m gearing up for more memory making pet portraits and I would love to paint your special four-legged friend.

Here is Banksy. Have you ever seen a more photogenic pup? Other than yours? He was a Christmas gift finished right under the wire and report has it that the unwrap was a celebration in itself.

Bring your fav to meet me (my favorite part) and let’s get down to business creating those memories. I’m anxious to get started.


With all this news I’m sending my best to you for the season with the hope that I see you up close soon!


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